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Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year for a New 2013 Gardening Year

Hello Everyone,

I thought I'd better start to post on my herb page.  I do see I have some followers, and some people visiting the blog site. I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season, and New Year.

This site is just a start up.  I will use this to show off my herbs I will hopefully have for this year.  This is going to be a year of not-sures.  I am not sure of the weather we will have.  We are currently in a extreme drought situation here in Nebraska.  We have just within the last few weeks, received about 4 inches of snow and that is about it.  It is also very dry snow, with very little moisture content and we are over 12-15 inches below our normal for precipitation, and it is not looking very good for farming and gardening.  So I just am not sure what kind of year we will have.

I am also not sure where I will be at as far as location.  I am in the beginning stages of looking for a different place to live.  I am looking at living in a different county and a much smaller community and taking my gardening business with me.  I have to find the right place.  I need more room as I want to add more herbs and different herbs and I also want to expand and add to my culinary mushroom business, so I need some outbuildings to house my mushroom blocks and some small logs for my Shitakii mushrooms. It is very hard to find places to live where I am at.  So there are a lot of factors in the equation.  Right now, the weather is making it  hard to look, some roads are bad, icy and snow-packed, and its cold now, so its very hard to go out driving to where I would like to look.  I have a small ad in the local newspaper where I would like to live, running for someplace to rent for my business.  I hope that I can snag a few places.  Its a lot like fishing, you have to throw out a line and bait and just sit and be patient. So, if anyone is from Nebraska, and reads this blog, and you know of something in the Custer County area, or the village of Arnold, Nebraska, please let me know, that is where I am looking to move to.

I have a nice following of culinary customers for my mushrooms and herbs, I am so looking forward to provide fresh ingredients for everyone to enjoy wonderful, rich, savory meals with.  I have so many ideas, and plans, if it would just all come together like a fine pie crust. What a joy!

Well,  I just thought I would post that I am still here.  I have plans and hopefully it will come together.  Thank you for stopping by, reading and hopefully will follow me around.

Take care all.

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Mary said...

Happy New Year to you as well. I have been looking through webpages and blogs searching for others who grow things in small spaces or anything that I find interesting with gardening, composting, rabbits and making a house a home. I read your profile and almost 6 years ago I lived in a trailer park and started a garden. I felt like I brought a little hope to the park. So many people with serious problems. I hope you have a wonderful 2014