2011 Garden

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Welcome to my Herbal World

Hello and Welcome to my blog about my company called  Denimflyz Herbals N Greens.

I love culinary herbs for cooking and their use in natural and soothing products for the skin and hair and the nose.  So several years ago, I started growing culinary herbs and experimenting with their use. Then last year, I took the plunge and opened a booth at our local farmer's market and it was a hit with customers.
As I grow, I am planning on more and different types of herbs, and if all goes well, and the weather holds, I will carry herb transplants.  I also plan on providing culinary mushrooms, and herb and spice mixes, both dried and fresh.

I am also working through the winter and making different types of hand made soaps, some incorporating my herbs in the soaps for lovely scents for happy bathing and facial care.
I am planning on carrying heirloom seeds for greens and mescluns.  And as I can afford to add, more seeds for heirloom vegetables.

My heart and soul goes into my garden and what I create.  I love to garden and I love to provide others with the same enjoyment that I receive from my gardening and herbs.

Please look for postings after the holidays, sometime in January.  In February, I start some of my transplants, and I start some mesclun baby lettuces.
I will keep you posted on soaps available, and other goings-on in the garden.

Have wonderful Holidays and I will see you all later.